Werner Sobek AG

Werner Sobek is internationally synonymous with engineering, design, and sustainability. Our company is active across the globe. We are home to more than 350 employees and work on all kinds of structures and materials. We particularly pride ourselves on the sophisticated designs we develop for load-bearing structures, technical building services, and facades. Our aim is to create a built environment that is breathtakingly beautiful while also serving the interests of future generations. We want to make emissions-free structures for more people with less material by producing exceptional designs, innovative structural solutions, and holistic concepts that minimise our impact on the environment. This ethos informs all of the work we do with architects, commissioning clients, contractors, and property developers as we support them at every stage of the construction process, ranging from the very first conceptual deliberations right through to execution planning and on-site quality assurance.


  • Area of expertise

    Structural engineering
    Facade planning
    Building physics

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    Werner Sobek AG
    Albstraße 14
    70597 Stuttgart

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Structural engineering, Facade planning, Building physics

Who we are, what we do, why we do it the way we do it… Our founder and our managing directors talk about our objectives and our philosophy.

Adidas World of Sports (Architecture: Behnisch)
Copyright: David Matthiessen, Stuttgart

Doha Convention Center (Architecture: JAHN)

Doha Convention Center (Architecture: JAHN)
Copyright: HG Esch, Hennef

Etihad Museum, Dubai (Architecture: Moriyama & Teshima)
Copyright: HG Esch, Hennef

Mercedes-Benz Museum (Architecture: UN Studio)
Copyright: Christian Richters, Münster

NEST-Unit UMAR (Architecture: Werner Sobek)
Copyright: Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

ThyssenKrupp Test Tower (Architecture: Werner Sobek with JAHN)
Copyright: Rainer Viertlböck, Gauting