The IGG is an engineering company for structural planning in civil engineering
located in Stuttgart, BW.

For more than 55 years, we have been developing structural concepts for all
kinds of buildings at home and abroad - under one clear premise:
Our services are comprehensive and range from consulting, structural planning,

Unsere Leistungen sind umfassend und reichen von Beratung, Tragwerksplanung,

general planning to building inspections and feasibility studies.
We open up possibilities for our clients and identify all potentials - the
The basis for demand-oriented, future-oriented, sustainable building.
Our consistent further development from this is planning and building with BIM (Building Information Modelling).
Digital planning I networked construction and operation I future construction
We are your partner.

  • Area of expertise

    Structural engineering
    Object and property planning and design
    General planning
    Feasibility studies
    Redevelopment and new construction
    Gewerbe & Industriebau

  • Contact

    IGG Gölkel GmbH & Co.KG
    Lenzhalde 16
    70192 Stuttgart

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Structural design, object planning, general planning, structural assessment, feasibility studies, refurbishment and new construction, commercial & industrial construction

Car park, hotel & administration building, Wolff & Müller Campus, Stuttgart, Germany
Copyright: IGG

New office building "Skyloop" Stuttgart Airport, Germany
Copyright: Storck, IGG

New factory building, Herma GBH + GBM, Filderstadt, Germany
Copyright: Strauss, IGG

New office building, DIBAG, Wolff &Müller, Stuttgart, Germany
Copyright: IGG

Central bus station, Furtwangen, Germany
Copyright: apk, IGG

New car factory, MBMH Kecskemét, Hungary
Copyright: MBMH, IGG