Weiske und Partner GmbH

beratende Ingenieure VBI

Rainer Weiske founded the Weiske und Partner office in Stuttgart in 1978. In the course of structural enineering for the buildings at Potsdamer Platz, the office in Berlin was opened in 1993.

Our focus is on structural design in building construction, civil engineering and building in existingconstruction. The competence, creativity and innovative spirit of our employees and the team’s 40 years of experience at home and abroad ensure the quality of our work.

  • Area of expertise

    Structural Engineering
    Structural Design
    Building Construction
    Civil Engineering
    New and Existing Structures

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    Weiske und Partner GmbH
    Johannesstr. 75
    70176 Stuttgart

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Structural Engineering, Structural Design, Building Construction, Civil Engineering, New and Existing Structures

Meixi Urban Helix (Changsa/China) / viewing
platform, bridge and exhibition building / new construction
Copyright: Marcus Bredt

Center for applied quantum Technology (Stuttgart / Germany / reserach building / new construction
Copyright: hammeskrause architekten bda

Zoom (Berlin, Germany) commercial and office building / new construction
Copyright: Burkhard Walther

Fresenius Headquarter (Wiesbaden, Germany) / office, conference and restaurant building / new construction
Copyright: Thomas Ott

Hafenparkquartier Süd (Frankfurt/Main, Germany) / residential- and hotelbuilding / new construction
Copyright: m.leissl

Daimler Headquarter (Stuttgart/ Germany) / office and conference building / existing construction
Copyright: Simon Menges