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clear and compact – Buildings must need to be thought of in an interdisciplinary manner. Our competence lies in the increasing complex connections between the building and the technical equipment. In order to complete a successful overall economic project, we implement our specialist expert knowledge on an equal footing with the relevant specialists and to work out solutions together. We offer personal support and tailor-made solutions.


„design meets technology“ – We value stylish and sustainable buildings. The quality of the materials, the simplicity of the use and the simple maintenance of completed buildings. It is of crucial importance to consider the processes in the building in advance. This also includes, for example, project development with location analysis, master planning for trade and industry and scalable planning of buildings for the flexible, economic development of a company. These aspects are trend-setting, especially in commercial construction. „Simple solutions for complex tasks“. Minimalism and purism in harmony with people and work.


Our work covers all areas of project management: the planning of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI § 34 as well as project control in commercial, industrial and residential construction.

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    Planning and engineer office
    Commercial construction
    Industrial construction
    Residential construction

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Planning and engineer office, Commercial construction, Industrial construction, Residential construction

Industry Building, Company ALWA (D-Deisslingen)
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Industry and production hall with photovoltaics
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Development - Clock Manufacture
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Industry Building - Company TOX (D-Weingarten)
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Industry Building - Company RAFI (Hungary)
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Study - Affordable Living space
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