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Müller Bleher Group is an engineering office for electrical, conveyor and lighting technology with locations in Filderstadt, Radolfzell, Munich, Berlin, Darmstadt, Ohlsbach and Ulm (Germany).

The company was founded in November 1989 by Hans-Joachim Müller and Helmut Bleher, building on the experience of many years of cooperation with a large international electronics company.

Since then we have been working as experts throughout Germany for industry, research and public clients.

Highest quality and integrated planning approaches combined with social and ecological sustainability are important steps to our success.

Our team consists of qualified engineers and experienced technicians and relies on many years of effective work in the industry which is characterized by careful practical relevance and a high level of responsibility.

These competences make Müller Bleher one of the leading companies in the field of electrical and conveyor building services.

MB Global Engineering GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the MB Group and combines the expertise of the MB Group for the international market.

  • Area of expertise

    Electrical engineering
    Conveyor engineering
    Lighting engineering

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    MB Global Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
    Raiffeisenstraße 32
    70794 Filderstadt

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Electrical engineering, Conveyor engineering, Lighting engineering

Our compentences are high and low voltage current. Especially: Power supply systems & grids, electrical installations, electromobility, communictaion and media technology. Additionally conveyor systems and ligthing technology.