Kurz und Fischer GmbH
Consultant Engineers
Building Physics

Kurz und Fischer, founded in 1989, is a highly specialized, accredited engineering company in all areas of building physics and sustainable construction.

As consulting engineers, we complement the design team with services in acoustics, noise control, vibration and shock proofing, energy-saving construction, waterproofing and corrosion protection.

Our services include sustainability audits, quality assurance in the construction industry, building physics measurement services and expert activities.

  • Area of expertise

    Building physics
    Climate engineering
    Building- and room acoustics
    Sound immission protection
    Sound Immission control, Simulation
    Insulation and sustainable building

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    Kurz u. Fischer GmbH
    Brueckenstrasse 9
    71364 Winnenden

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Building physics, Energy, Climate Engineering, Sound immission protection, Sound immisson control, Simulation, Insulation and sustainable building, Certification

Noise immission control: Terrain model with emitters and shieldings
Copyright: Kurz and Fischer GmbH

Quality architecture needs perfect details in terms of building physics (Bodenseetherme Konstanz)
Copyright: Erik Fischer

Roofscape of an automotive plant: We manage the noise registers for Audi AG, Daimler AG and Porsche AG at various locations
Copyright: Kurz u Fischer GmbH

Model for thermal building simulation
Copyright: Kurz and Fischer GmbH

Aircraft noise contours of a traffic airfield
Copyright: Kurz and Fischer GmbH