dieBauingenieure, an engineering company based in Karlsruhe and Berlin, bundles all relevant design services in structural engineering under one roof. Making a difference together, leading the way, giving sustainability a face: That's who we are!

To this purpose, our specialist teams from different disciplines work together every day on their own responsibility. More than 50 employees organize themselves in flexible hierarchies, which are based on appreciation, each other’s support, and individual competences. Through permanent communication between our teams, we create an overall solution that involves different disciplines, focusing on synergies in order to achieve the optimum for your project.

Specialized knowledge is required to solve the construction industry’s interdisciplinary tasks. This is especially important when it comes to people. People who deal with buildings in the design and construction process, but also the future owners and tenants of the buildings. We take their needs, reservations and priorities into account and respect them. And we consider the impact of our buildings on the environment, both during planning and execution. Every building has a considerable effect on our earth and our climate. That’s why we work for making sustainable buildings the standard in construction.

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    Construction management
    Building physics

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    Wattstraße 1
    76185 Karlsruhe

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Building design, Construction management, Building physics, Energy, Certification

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Tax office, Karlsruhe, new
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Rulantica water world, Europa-Park Rust, new
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ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
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KinderUniversum day care center, Karlsruhe, new
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Apartment high-rise, Frankfurt, conversion of a former dormitory
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New building Business Campus Taunus Lab, Frankfurt
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